Exploring Face Space

Last weekend was the second quarterly hack@uchicago hackathon, and Sean Clemmer and I didn’t even come vaguely close to winning (apparently the judges wanted it to make money. Not exactly the spirit of a hackathon…). However, we built some pretty hysterical games based on hacking WebRTC and WebAudio.

It’s all based on hacking Chrome to get webcam data, do facial recognition and use the data of where and how big (range) your face is as an input device. The technology and the idea is actually pretty solid, and I’ll pursue it more when I have time, but the best part is the face based games we made. There is FacePong, a 3d pong (tennis?) game where your face is the paddle, which is multiplayer using node.js and now.js for websocket-ing hitinformation from player to player. And then there is the FaceTherimin, which uses your face as an input for frequency (side to side) and volume (up and down).

Unfortunately, the live demo was taken down, but you can find the code on github.